Thursday, October 19, 2006

This is the bedding I made for Jillian's bed it is so soft and warm. It has a down comforter inside it. I never did get a sheet made so I took the washed flannel tucked it in the sheet.

The girls are here and we are having so much fun..We spent the 2 days shopping and getting Nicole's dress and everything ready for the wedding. I got this picture when we went out to lunch. I also picked up this magazine at the bookstore. I had never seen it before and really liked it. It has apron patterns in it and no adds. Well just wanted to check in. It is snowing here right now and cold. Today is Jillian's 18 month birthday so I am off to make cupcakes with her.


Angie said...

Oh Toni, Jillian is a little babydoll!! How adorable she is!! :D And I LOVE your comforter...I have some of that fabric but it isn't flannel. :( Looks sooo snuggly! Enjoy them while you have them there!

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

The bed looks comfy, and with a lovely quilt on the wall too. Plus you have snow!!

TJ said...

Thanks guys...Toni