Friday, December 08, 2006

Its been pretty boring around here. It is 8 degrees we have snow on the ground, the lake is frozen now and winter is set in. I have been working on bindings and will post a pic as soon as I am done. I have to get one done to ship so that will be soon. I have been working all week and may get to sew this weekend. I am heading off to the doctor this morning due to something being wrong with my hand. I hope he can tell me what to do. I type all day and then quilting is hand work so I really would like to not be in so much pain. Well like I said pretty boring around here....have a good weekend everyone...and stay warm.


Cheryl said...

So what did the doctor have to say about your hand? Hope it wasn't bad news. Keep warm! ;)

Cheryl said...

I'm sorry about the carpaltunnel verdict from the doctor...thought that might be what is going I hope the meds. work well and quickly for you! Did you have a good time playing cards?