Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas to Everyone! i am in Baltimore now with the kids after spending to great nights in Atlantic City. We had a great room over looking the ocean at the Tropicana. It was decorated like winter wonderland and it even snowed in there. Jillian was in awe. It was magical for her. It was so warm on Saturday that we even got to spend time at the ocean and she loved that too and so did I. Kevin won 2 tournaments and the second one our son in law won it sitting right next to him at the final table. I played and thank all the guys that generously gave me their money that Nicole and I got to have a great shopping spree at the Pier and a wonderful lunch at Buddakin. If anyone goes there you have to try this place to eat it was Great Food. Nicole being 8 months pregnant is still craving it today.. She loved there spring rolls. Have a wonderful day!

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Cheryl said...

Kudos to Kevin (& your son-in-law) for winning some tourneys! It is simply wonderful that those men were all so generous to you at the table!! You go Girl!! lol...We are on the road, turn to play for a bit. ;)