Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Happy Spring...We are having a blizzard here in UP...but it is spring....I will have to stay home today oh darn.. 6 to 8 inches of snow already fell over night and it is still coming is 9 degrees out....brrrrrrrrrrrrr

Nicole is still here with Jillian and Cameron and her husband Dave is flying in on Thursday if he can get in...and we will spend Easter together. They will go back to Baltimore on Tuesday. I sure will miss them.

We bought new furniture and have decided to make our office a sewing room. So we will be doing that soon..I cant wait...I have my sewing stuff scattered all over the house so it will be nice to have it all in one place...and maybe I can even do a little sewing...

I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter....enjoy!


Angie said...

Happy Spring! Happy Easter! Although your weather certainly would lead one to think it's still Wintertime! LOL We've had the most gorgeous weather for the last 2 weeks, and now we are going back into lows of 20s. Will make it seem doubly cold after the taste of warm temps. Stay warm, and enjoy those babies!

Southern Heart said...

Hi TJ! I wanted to say hello, and thank you for visiting me, and for my sweet birthday wishes! What could be nicer on my birthday than meeting a new friend? :)

I've enjoyed reading your blog, and those babies are so adorable! You have a lovely family! I look forward to visiting you often, and I added you to my favorites.

Fondly, Andrea