Thursday, April 19, 2007

These are the 2 containers of scraps to be cut up from my cleaning and organizing spree. I am cutting 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3 inch strips or squares. If I can get a 12 inch strip I do that or cut it into squares...I haven't finished the room yet but hope to soon....I need to decide what to do for a cutting station since my cutting table takes up so much room and adds no storage...also my pressing station....

It was warm today around 60 and the snow is almost gone. I sure hope spring is coming soon.

My thoughts and prayers are going out to everyone involved in the Virginia shootings...I am so sad that something like this has to happen....I am sorry for everyone that is suffering or in pain because of this. Please find peace.


Mrs. Moody said...

That sounds exactly like what I am doing with my scraps right now. I am completely going through the bin and cutting them into strips to put together a scrappy quilt. It's so much fun. I need to post a photo of what I have started.

Southern Heart said...

I so admire your patience! This is why I love and appreciate quilts and hand-made things so much.

I'm glad that spring is about to come your way---I'll look forward to enjoying yours as it begins to become to hot to even go outside here (it happens sooner than we might like).

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend,


Patti said...

You will so love having all your scraps cut into usable sizes and sorted accordingly. Just think of all the quick quilt tops you will be able to make!