Sunday, May 27, 2007

Today it is cool and raining off and on....but my garden is loving are a few of my favorites..snowball (I dont get enough snow around here so I have to have a reminder in my garden, LOL),pink and white bleeding hearts....including my DH who is working on his vegetable gardens...he has a few weeks before he can put in his plants in but his soil will be ready...we have such a short growing season up here but it doesnt stop him from planting tomatoes and beans in raised bed gardens, he also has strawberries and raspberries....I love vined riped anything so I am glad he enjoys it.
I hope everyone is having a nice is very quite around on a lake most holidays are busy but the weather has everyone staying inside where it is warm...I saw one boat all day and they were having a hard time of it with the wind and the waves....I am going to do some sewing and later I have steaks and veggies marinating to safe and stay warm.


Susan said...

That is a picture of a happy man. Thanks for sharing the flower pics. Hope you had a nice quilty day!

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Good to see a man hard at work in the garden. Enjoy your lovely spring weather