Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Where did July go?

Cam is getting really interested in the world around him, at 5 months he is so curious about everything. We went and got him this gym and he loves it. He will play with all the toys and never get bored. He is such a sweet boy.
Jillian is continuing her swimming lessons. We got water wings for her and now she is really treading water. She is a water girl for sure. In the bottom picture she just pushed bampa in the water..she is such a joy....
July was a very fun month we did so many things...gardened, swam, picked berries, went to parades, museums, parks, fished, built a sandbox, had ears pierced, shopped, cooked, played and played and played....you could not pay for the moments we have shared and we are so grateful to share our lives with our family....
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homemakerkate said...

Hello neighbor quilter,
Just a note to say hello, your spot on the beach looks great!
Katie in Ewen

Angela said...

What fun you have been having! The children are so precious and can tell they are happy ones.

Tazzie said...

What precious little people, they must give you such joy.