Sunday, January 06, 2008

Snow Filled Bird Nest, Skanee MI 1-5-08

This year has started out just as busy as the last one ended. I have been on the road every day. The weather has been really mild which makes it easy on me. Today it may even get to 40 degrees. I hope this weather holds up, it sure would be nice.

I am hoping to get into my sewing room today and be creative.


Jane said...

The snow is bigger than the nest! Looks like it has a little finial on the top too. Hope this mildness keeps up but at least we can appreciate it while its here. Enjoy your day!

Nannette said...

Looks like an ice cream cone!
It was 64 here today - a little warm for January!! Hope the weather holds out for you. I went down to my sewing room and picked out a quilt pattern to work on this afternoon - the kids are all gone and it is very quiet - I need a new distraction. Hope you have a great week - Love ya

Red Geranium Cottage said...

It does look like an ice cream cone. Cool photo.