Thursday, February 07, 2008


This is Nestle she loves the winter.
She loves to hunt for squirels and I dont think we have one on our property.

Jillian loves art, painting, drawing, sculpting.
You can see by the smile on her face that she is in heaven
with a paint brush in her hand.

Cameron is all bundled up and he is not sure why he is outside.
He does start to enjoy it before he goes in.

This is a sled I bought at a rummage sale last summer for 3 dollars.
I cant believe someone would sell it for that.
It worked really good in the snow.
And in the summer you can use it with the wheels.

Jillian Loves the Sled.
My next post is going to be a giveaway.
So everyone stay posted.
It is in honor of Sharon at
Red Geranium.
Hope all is well.


Cheryl said...

I forgot, I think, to tell you how much I like your new "look" and side banner...very nice.

Nestle is beautiful. She looks very focused; she must be on squirel alert.

Precious pics of the grandkids! The sled is a great find...Your picture of it is great.

Tazzie said...

Such Lovely pictures Toni, thank you for sharing!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

That is one cool sled. I can't believe that someone would sell it for $3 either. The snow looks so pretty!!

JANE said...

Hi Toni, These photos are priceless, thans for sharing them... they are definately indegenous to the UP, eh? LOL So good to see you enjoying the snowy days with Jillian! She is certainly a little doll of an artist, just like Gram !!!!

Kathie said...

Love the pictures!
what a great sled, enjoy your snow, I am still wishing for a snow storm here in NJ.
NIce of you to support Sharon....

cd&m said...

What gorgeous winter photographs of "the gang"

Greenie Gardens said...

Those kids are so cute. I can't believe your dog loves the snow! We have to shove ours off the porch and they can't do their business fast enough! Hope you are all dug out from the most recent snow. Take Care, Stephanie
PS That sled is super and so inexpensive!