Sunday, June 29, 2008

Work Picnic

We enjoyed Saturday at the CCI picnic.
The kids really had a good time.
It was set up like a fair
everything was free.
The even got to build a bear.
There was tons of good food
a Schwans Ice Cream Truck.
Hope you are having a good weekend.


Nannette said...

Looks like fun, more fun then we had on Saturday, check out my blog.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

How cute!!

Jane said...

Hi Toni, Nice pictures of the kids! Man, has it been busy around here or what?, so much to do and be done in the summer and to think that it's the 2nd week of July already, any bets for the first snowfall? LOL
Anyway, I nominated you for a Premio Award over on my blog. Don't feel any pressure to do it, and just the award part, not the meme, that my kind friend Paula doubly dumped on me. Just so you know I put your site up for it. Hopefully one of these days you will be back in the neighborhood. Till the next time, hope you're enjoying your summer!