Sunday, September 17, 2006

I have been making some purses and bags. I love the look of this purse in the blue, the pattern included both so I made the other too. I signed up for a bag class that runs once a month and next friday is the first one. It is Amy Butlers new bag so it should come out cute. I also signed up for a silk ribbon class in October so that will be something new to learn. Our quilt shop is 3 miles from my house so it is so convienient to take classes. All I need is more time.


Angie said...

Hi TJ, soooo glad I found your blog!! :) The quilt pics you have posted are great! And oh your scenery is gorgeous!! Our leaves are just starting to get a hint of color....Your blue bag is adorable! I was with a friend yesterday and we were oohhing and aahhing over a "raggy bag" sample that was made up. I definitely want to make one of those. My friend makes bags quite often, but alas LOL, I'm challenged when it comes to reading patterns, and usually have to have someone work it out with me the first time around. :)

TJ said...

Angie Thanks for the comment...I have been to your blog and love it...I made a new bag today and at bag class..and really like when the instructor reads the pattern and tells you the next step because I am also challanged when it comes to reading patterns...I will post a pic of the new bag latter...Thanks again..Toni