Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lake Michigan

I had to do some work by Lake Michigan so I got a room on the lake for the kids to enjoy.
I think Jillian enjoyed it?
She loves the water so much. Can you tell?
We are finally getting some rain that was much needed.
Hope all is well.


Lindah said...

adorable little girl. Obviously enjoying the beach. What fun!

Cheryl said...

She is SO adorably cute!Glad to hear rain has finally gone your way.

Tazzie said...

What a sweet little angel, and I'm so glad you're getting some rain!
Have a wonderful day

Nannette said...

I would say she likes it, I think it is in her blood!

Beautiful! - where is that harbor light?

Pam said...

What a fabulous picture!! I think Jillian is having a blast :)))

Greenie Gardens said...

I am a quilter in lower Michigan. My daughter and her husband were just in the UP. Her photographs show it to be a piece of heaven. You are so lucky to live in a piece of it. I really enjoyed your blog and will be back! Happy Quilting. Stephanie

Greenie Gardens said...

Dear Toni, We live outside of Ann Arbor in the suburbs/country. My son-in-law, daughter and their children live nearby - which is why we're here. You live we we'd like to! Stephanie

Greenie Gardens said...

I love the photos on your beautiful web site. I always wanted an old farm house and although it's a lot of maintenance-
I highly recommend it, especially if there are carpenters in the family! Thanks for the nice comment. Stephanie

kris said...

Hi Toni - great photos! I love lighthouses - that's a great shot. I'd have to say Jillian seems to LOVE the water - what a cutie!!

Sharon said...

That little girl is just so dang adorable. I mean she's a cutie for sure. Thanks for signing up for my chocolate swap. It's gonna be fun.