Sunday, August 26, 2007

Summer Harvest

Fall is starting to show with cooler nights and the leaves are starting to change.

We continue to enjoy our homegrown veggies.
Not much quilting going on here but still lots of planning.
I have joined a class our guild in giving and picked my fabrics for that.
My sister is taking it with me so that will be fun.
Kevin is putting the window and door on the mudroom next so this project is moving along.
I cant wait to get it done and organize the house some.
It will add so much storage for me.
When we bought our home it was just a seasonal cottage and it has no basement.
It has a walk down area with the furnace and water heater but no storage.
So if it isn't in the garage its in the house.
I have my washer and drier in my hall closet now.
So when he is done and puts them in the new room I will have so much more storage.
Thank God for small favors.
Hope all is well with you.
Thanks for stopping by.


jovaliquilts said...

The beans look luscious, spilling so artfully from the bowl! Enjoy your harvest. Once the cold weather sets in, you'll be doing plenty of quilting!

Angie said...

Your beans and tomatoes look so yummy, Toni!! Wish I could drop to share a plate with you. :D My veggies didn't do much of anything this summer...too hot and too dry...but I still keep trying. I do have several volunteer cherry tomatoes plants that have gone wild and the tiny tomatoes from them are just wonderful. :> Enjoy your cooler nights, girl, it's still hotter than Hades here. :( I am so looking forward to cooler weather.

kris said...

Hi Toni - your beans and tomatoes look yummy! It's cooled down here too, but I'm hoping we'll get a little more warm weather for the tomatoes to keep producing.

Your new room is going to be so nice. We live in a small home that started out as a lake cottage too. No closets on the first floor - it drives me crazy sometimes!! LOL! Luckily we do have a full basement - unfortunately it is FULL of junk. Need to spend some winter days sorting down there.